Cylindrical Roller Thrust Bearing
Bearing Series : 81102,GS,WS,K
Application : Gear Box,Low RPM load applications
Spherical Roller Thrust Bearing
Bearing Series : HK, BK, NA, RNA, NKI
Application : High Speed Application
Miniature Bearings
Bearing Series : 623,626,Sr2, sr3, 618/4…
Application : Dental Machine, Instrument Measuring Devices, Sophisticate high end video Cameras..
Super Precision Bearings
Bearing Series : BSBO, H SERIES, 7200, 7300 P4, P3
Application : CNC Machines with high Speed, Spindles
Red End Bearing
Bearing Series : GE, PHS ,POS..
Application : FOR Angular Contact Application,Steel Industries,Valve
Ceramic Ball Bearing
Bearing Series : CE-6200 , 6300..
Application : Corrosion Resistant(acid & alkali),Heat impact,Can resist temperatures from 280 degree to 900 degree celsius,Material - Zr02, Si3N4, Useful in Pharmaceutical & chemical industries
Stainless Steel AntiCorrosive Bearings
Bearing Series : 623,618,6200,6001,6300.. Grade SS.304, material anti corrosive, with food grade grease, sealed, unsealed, miniature, deep grove ball bearings
Application : Food Industries,Chemical Industries,Water Application Machines Pharmaceutical Machines
Deep Groove Ball Bearing
Bearing Series : 623,618,6200,6001,6300.. With open ends & sealed Ends, Steel & Rubber Seals
Application : Used In Almost All Type Of Industries
Self Aligning Ball Bearing
Bearing Series : 1200, 2200, 2301, 1301…
Application : Heavy Machinery With Vibratory Application
Cylindrical Roller Bearing
Bearing Series : NU, NI, NUP
Application : Middle Sized & Large Size Motors, Electricity Generators, Gas Turbines, Machine Tool Spindles, Unloading & Lifting Machines, Rolling Mills
Tapered Roller Bearing
Bearing Series : 30302, 3200, 3300
Application : Heavy Earth Moving Machines & Equipments, Electric Pumps
Spherical Roller Bearing
Bearing Series : 22205, 24020
Application : Suitable For Heavy Machinery Used In Mining, Metallurgical, Paper-Making Industry
Thrust Ball Bearing
Bearing Series : Ba3, Ba9, 51100-51160, 53201-53228, 52202-52236
Application : Automobile Clutches,Machine tool Spindles
Pillow Blocks
Bearing Series : UC, UCF, UCFC, UK, UKT, ASPF, UEL, UELP.( Vertical Block, Square block, Convex Platform, Round Block, angular block, sider block, hanging block, adjustable blocks.)
Application : Agricultural machine,mining,metallurgy,Colveyor machines
Bearing Series : SMB-0, MB-5…
Application : Automobile Engines, All Application with Ball Bearings
Check Nuts
Bearing Series : KM-0, KM-5, KM-10…. Stainless Steel Grade
Application : All Applications With Bearing Fittings
Angular Contact Ball Bearings
Bearing Series : Single Row- 7001, 7200, 7300…
Double Row : 3200, 3304, 5200, 5300…
Application : Hi- Speed CNC Machines, Low Noise Spindles.
Stainless Steel Pillow Block Bearings
Bearing Series : 1200, 2200, 2301, 1301…
Application : Heavy Machinery With Vibratory Application, Food equipments Machinery, Pharmaceutical Machinery
Bearing Grease Klubber
Bearing Series : NBU,LG,LGW,LGEP…
Application : Precision Bearings,Precision Machines, CNC, VMC Machine
Thermoplastic bearings
Application : Food equipments Machinery, Chemical Machinery, TP Bearing
properties: Thermoplastic blocks, plastic block fitted with stainless steel Bearing, Grade SS 304 capable to sustain high temperatures & anticorrosive.